03 March 2023

You Say - Kaycien Grey

The EP "You Say" from Kaycien Grey is a must-have for dance music lovers everywhere. With its unique style from the Frankfurt club scene and a hint of 90s flair, this album is sure to get you moving. Featuring catchy hooks, powerful beats, uplifting melodies and an infectious energy, it's the perfect soundtrack to dance to. Produced by Michael Link, co-produced by Karlheinz Richter and Steve Bäumer, and featuring performances from English singer Y.E.P, Todor and Steve Bäumer, crank up the volume and let the music take you away!

This EP has been in the Top 20 Dance Charts for 4 weeks and in the Top 100 Dance Charts for 12 weeks (best position: #13). Also successfull in the Commercial Dance Charts: #11 




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