Songwriter & Music Producer Michael Link

Michael Link

I'm the music producer of the following projects / artists:


  • Kaycien Grey (Genres: Italo Disco, Dance  80s 90s,EDM, Chillout)
  • Yoga Di Qi (Genres: New Age, Meditation)
  • Micha L. (Genre: Pop Music, Guitar Pop)
  • Michael Link feat. Todor (Genre: Pop Music, Electro Pop)
  • for Karlheinz Costin's Yoga / Qi Gong projects

My successes in the music business


  • Official Dance Charts - Top 20 (for several weeks)
  • Official Dance Charts - Top 100 (12 weeks) with "You Say"
  • Official Commercial House Charts - Top 20
  • many international number 1 and top 10 - rankings (2019-2024), especially on Apple iTunes
  • Radio Charts - Top 10 (USA) on "Hits You Love Radio" (Chicago)
  • several million downloads/streams
  • booked on more 50 compilations from other labels
  • at the 37th German Rock and Pop Awards several Top 3 positions (Best Pop Album, Best Song of the Year)
  • producing music for ZYX Music GmbH & HochHOUSE records

My Music Business Profile


  • Certified Music Composer & Producer
  • Training at the School of Audio Engineering in Frankfurt am Main
  • Masterclass courses with Armin van Buuren, Bass Kleph, Timbaland
  • Music Label: HochHOUSE records
  • Music Business Diploma from the Association of German Music Producers
  • also graduate mathematician, business coach and IT specialist

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